• Hi, before I revert your edit. Can you explain to me, what was the need of creating a new footer that features all kodansha magazine (which also looses some identity as lack of specific magazine logo/mascot)?

    Also was there a discussion happening somewhere that the interwiki templates need to be collected into one?

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    • Hi. I'm not aware of any other interwiki footer for other Kodansha magazines besides BSM (which is terrible outdated as it hasn't been modified since it was created in 2015), so instead of making templates for each of the magazines I thought on compiling all Kodansha wikis into one list.

      This is a project from the staff of the Attack on Titan Wiki, we don't particularly care about specific magazines but we'd like to promote all wikis of our editorial. I can add specific magazine logos if you wish, I'm still working on the template, it has a collapsible feature that should allow for the inclusion of logos for each magazine without much trouble.

      Sorry for editing your homepage without asking but since the wiki is abandoned I didn't think anybody would mind since I believe it's a nice addition and update after all.

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    • Yeah, the wikis is dead, due to being of a subject that never got translated. But the project you guys started, affects far more than this wiki.

      The BSM footer is indeed outdated, I was planning on updating it soon, as I did with other interwikis. The magazine simply didn't provide other big hits as AoT and Arslan, so separating it into Ongoing and Finished is no longer necessary.

      I'm not really into mixing it all, as there are far more Kodansha wikis that you may think. And we also have to do that with Shueisha too and Shogakugan, which will become even bigger mess and issue. So separate templates for each magazine is currently the best option. I also kinda find it strange that you want to promote it, but I don't see the template on the AoT wiki :)

      Otherwise: I have collected all the interwiki templates there (for my easy reach and need of update). You can see that except Sirius, all have footers.

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    • The template as I said is still not finished and this is why it hasn't been added to the AoT Wiki yet, also we still need to make a space on our homepage to insert it since it doesn't have the current BSM footer for that reason either as you can see.

      I'm not sure what do you mean with that we need to edit those other templates too. Does making a unified template for an editorial means we have to make unified templates for all?

      I'm aware that there are many Kodansha wikis and that's why I'm working on a collapsible feature that should allow to include them all by showing one magazine at a time, so it wouldn't use more space than the current templates and will also allow to switch to other magazines and promote all wikis by the editorial, which separate templates can't do.

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    • Yes, I knew the AoT wiki don't feature BSM footer at all. Creating space is the easiest thing, it can always be at the bottom with the anime/manga hub. It's a good thing that you guys finally consider it putting it on.

      You don't need to update the other templates. You actually needed to update the current BSM template, instead of creating a new footer with all magazines. You will need permission from each wiki to change the footer. And that creates an issue.

      And as I said, there is already footers for each magazine. I don't really seen the need for a new one. As I said, you could have just updated the BSM by adding/removing BSM wikis to it.

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    • Of course I was planning to contact at least the BSM wikis and tell them about the new template. Honestly, I don't think many or any of them will care since all of them are either dead or semi-active, and I don't think they'll see an issue with this change. On the contrary, it's better for them as they get links from many other wikis.

      My template, as I repeat, is better than the current as it also promotes the rest of Kodansha wikis, which separate templates don't.

      The core reason why we're doing this is because the AoT Wiki is going to update its guidelines for affiliates and several affiliations will be broken for not meeting the new requirements, including some with other Kodansha wikis. Being of the same editorial we believed it'd be a shame not to include links to our sister wikis anywhere so we devised this solution. Some of them are not from BSM, so if this template isn't used they'll simply will go away and won't be promoted by us anywhere. We aren't going to add the current BSM template either as it doesn't fit in our design.

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    • "contact at least the BSM wikis" - but you are affecting far more than BSM wikis. So basically you don't care if other kodansha magazines use it. As you don't plan to inform all the Weekly Shonen Magazine, Afternoon, Young Magazine, etc wikis. So basically you want to edit only BSM footer, but instead you create a new one, instead of updating it >.> Sure, BSM wikis are mostly dead, so they won't care. But with that mentality, they won't care if you promote them or not... since they are already dead? And if you don't inform all kodansha wikis, what "links from many other wikis"? And again, you are creating an unified Kodansha footer, that would suggest would replace not only BSM footer, but all kodansha footers (WSM, YM, Afternoon, etc).

      It doesn't need to promote the rest of the magazines. Each footer promotes each magazine. Otherwise someone after you will create "Manga footer" that will promote all manga wikis.

      I see, I do hope you notify the affected wikis when you break the affiliation, so they can remove your wordmark too.

      "so if this template isn't used they'll simply will go away and won't be promoted by us anywhere" - But that's your own problem... So basically you mix all so that you have a link that is not from BSM... You can't really replace a interwiki footer, so it fits you.

      "it doesn't fit in our design" again your problem, your decision to change. Again you can't go changing things that affect others to fit you... That is why each wikis is free to choose whatever to add it or not.

      You can create a custom version of the current footer, like Ao no Exorcist wiki uses correcting it for blackbackground wikis.

      But really, seeing your reasons, I'm almost speechless... I would then suggest you, instead of trying to replace WSM, BSM, YM, Afternoon, etc footers, to create a custom footer just for your wikis and your kodansha affiliates (you plan to break with). And use it on your wiki and suggest it to other BSM wikis or those you break affiliation with. In a way that is your basic idea, but instead of creating a customized version, you create and try to push for selfish reasons a unified template.

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    • I have to say that I'm baffled by this answer. I'm being told that "each wikis is free to choose whatever to add it or not", but I'm also repeatedly told that I can't make this template because there are other individual magazine footers I must use instead, when I've explained multiple times that we want to promote wikis from the other Kodansha magazines too; and strangely I'm even being called "selfish" for wanting to do that.

      I'm sorry but I didn't see any guidelines regulating what I can and can't do with footers, and I don't find any problem with wanting to make a unified footer for the editorial when it's perfectly feasible and provides a benefit over separate ones (its documentation includes test cases where it can be seen in action—I reiterate it's still in development). The current BSM footer is not what we're looking for, and I think we're in our right to make a different version if we wish and share it with others that may potentially like it as well, and I don't see why this would be a motive for such a harsh negative reaction.

      The reason I wasn't planning to contact all wikis is because they're so many and I'm unfortunately already investing a lot of my free time in making this template, so I was hoping it would be enough with contacting some major communities so that word would then spread from them. It's not that this would cause any issues, and right now the current set isn't used by all wikis either, so I find this response out of place.

      Unless there's a rule that forbids me from continuing with this project, I'm going to complete it and put it at disposal of the community once it's ready if you don't mind, and I'm sorry that your wiki isn't joining us.

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    • Yes, each wiki is free to choose whatever they want to add footer or not. There are already established footers for the magazines. That's what I was telling you, no point in another one. You are totally free to promote whatever wikis you want, but the "selfish" part is that you are driven by not to help the wikis, but to make something that you like and you would put, because you decided to break affiliations. Without even carrying how the change affect other wikis. That is selfish. You are free (again) to add whatever links or whatever you want to your wiki, but you are selfishly driven by the thought that your wiki is doing something and to find a way to fix it, you would affect other communities. Like: lets not fit with everyone, but make everyone fit with us.

      You can do whatever you want with footers. You can make whatever footer you want. But design changes should be discussed, not only with a small group of 1 community. I feel you still fail to understand that by creating this new footer, you essentially try to replace all kodansha footers. Which is a change that affects more than BSM wikis and it's a major change.

      I already told you, you can do custom design as you wish and use it as you wish. But it feels you still act if your footer aren't trying to replace the rest of the footers. "current BSM footer is not what we're looking for" - again that's your own fault and decision. And again selfish reason you try to redesign all of the footers, which is again change that affects more than your wiki. Hopefully you finally understood what I meant for selfish. You aren't driven by "hey, lets make this better", but "hey lets make this fit us". Get it?

      No, you are free to complete it, and you can put it on your wiki. But when you start to push it into communities, you need their permission. Some will agree, and some may not, and that creates a split, so now people will have to update 2 footers for 1 magazine. "It's not that this would cause any issues" it creates a split... It's like having 2 big AoT wikis competing with each other, people will wonder which to use/join and both have to be updated. And by the looks, you have zero desire to update your footer in the future. So you create a mess/split, and leave people to deal with it. That's one of my negative reactions.

      It doesn't really matter if my wiki is joining it or not. It's an undeveloped wiki about dead subject. But with you new footer, you are affecting other big wikis I'm on, and that's "not what we're looking for".

      Anyway, it still feels you won't understand my point, so no point for me to continue discussing this. Feel free to reply, but unless I have something new to say, I will stop repeating myself, if you didn't get my point until now, you won't get it even if I said it again.

      On a side note, it seems I made your job easier by giving you all the footers XD At least this discussion led to something good for you :)

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